What is Content Marketing?

Content copywriting entails two major factors contributing to your online presence. One is the content that fills your website with business information. Another is the content that fills your blogs with industry information geared toward clients searching for your service.

It's imperative to hire experienced content copywriters who are knowledgeable in your industry. By having quality crafted content, you give your online presence a competitive edge.

Your writers should be versed in various industries. They should have a deep understanding of industry requirements, and they should be able to write easily-digested content. With client-centered content that delivers an impact of service, your website can be the difference in a prospect's search.

what To do

Whether its industry blogging, ad copy, or website content, you can create a unique voice for your website. First, write down your business goals and vision, then construct a content strategy that enables them. 

There are 5 factors that contribute to quality content:

1) Content to Educate

Content that informs clients about your services builds value to your business. Unlike content which serves to entertain, content that educates appeals to a client's rationality.

2) Content to Inspire

The goal of content that inspires is to have your content resonate through sharing resulting in greater site authority. The very best pieces of content that inspire are case studies, consumer reviews, and stories of business success.

3) Content to Convert

This is content which incentivizes the prospect to take action, for example, by signing up for a newsletter or booking an appointment.

4) Content that Reassures

This content encourages clients to maintain an active interest after they have taken an action. It also serves as a welcome mat to comfort visitors for having placed their trust in you.


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