What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your site for higher ranking in a search engine results page. 

Clients are on the web everyday searching for your services, and more than 50% of them do not go past the first page in search results. It's imperative to have your website on the first page when a search is made for your services, and ongoing SEO yields this exact result.


How to do Search Engine Optimization

There are key variables that affect your business website's performance. The first step is collecting data from analytic reports, keyword rankings, traffic data, and conversions. 

The next step is creating an SEO boosting strategy for the next three quarters. Use white-hat strategy, which yields long-term SEO and is favorable in Google's eyes.

Maintaining Website health

There are four key steps to maintaining a website's health:

1) Maintenance

Website maintenance entails updating site plugins, themes, and core files responsible for functionality. Foregoing website maintenance may result in a broken website, or a website going off-line.

2) Backups

Imagine the cost of having to rebuild your website from scratch. Adding up the costs for initial design, content curation, website development, sourcing images, and time spent bringing your website up to date will give you an idea of the value of your site.

Having a backup of your site is a safeguard against a website malfunction error. 

3) Monitoring

In most cases, web masters are unaware of issues that occur on their sites until someone informs them of the issue.

By regularly monitoring your site, you can stay on top of all troubleshooting and website maintenance by isolating issues and quickly finding solutions.

4) Security

Security is especially vital for business/healthcare websites. Because clients/patients are putting sensitive information on your website, it must be equipped with the appropriate security certificates and protection. 

freshness of content

Similar to social media, you can use your website to publish brand new content in the form of business information, case studies, and surveys. Updating a site with new and original content yields a higher level of site authority. All of our posts are optimized to yield patient engagement. 


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