What is Social Media Management?

According to surveys held in February 2016 and again in February 2017, 94% of business owners increased exposure using social media.

Social media marketing and SEO are in tandem. Both contribute to organic, inbound client acquisition. They rely on strategies that naturally appeal to clients. 

Social media platforms also enable SEO of your website through the use of backlinks. By following google's methodology of using backlinks, we can increase your radius and your ranking on the web. 

By purchasing social media ad placement we can target a specific niche of clients geared toward your speciality. 

Part of having a strong online presence means patients that are using Facebook, YouTube, and Google accounts as referral providers will be able to find your information on these platforms.

What we do

Most marketers will tell you social media marketing is a powerful tool. But unfortunately, they leave out the strategy behind the benefits, leaving both marketers and clients to wonder whether or not their strategies are effective.

Social media specialists write compelling ad copy and engineer the ad design. We provide reports detailing the data analyses for metrics that determine the ad's progress.

Our specialists prioritize conversation rate optimization, because our goal is to drive clients from social media platforms to your website. 

Here is a list of a few strategies our specialists compiled based around their work on social media campaigns:

1) Optimize External Inbound Links

Social Media promotes the number of sites that link to your content. The greater the diversity of external links, the greater authority you'll have in Google's eyes. 

Using this tactic, social media platforms become a broadcasting channel for your practice. The information you give out becomes the content. The social media platforms become the message boards, placing the content in front of clients who are most likely to engage with your content.

2) Influencing Social Sharing

Social media sharing contributes to your brand's authority and rank in Google much in the same way that external links do. For Google, any online movement of external links which give credibility to your content warrant an increase of domain authority. 

So, the more people you can have sharing your content the better. Likes, shares, retweets, favorites, and replies all contribute to increased brand authority.

The best way to increase social sharing is to target this funnel directly. You can offer incentives, such as free consultations or a demo, for a share. You can also increase client engagement by creating surveys which can be answered in the comments or by liking the post. 

The most rewarding part of this strategy is the trickle down effect of social sharing. The more people that share your content, the greater your outreach for more followers. The greater your followers, the more shares you'll have.

3) Strategize Content Plan

We develop a strong content plan that will deliver engaging material. The content must support the overall message you're sending and fit the channels you are using. 

We think about how you can deliver real value to your audience. A mixture of photos, videos, guides, and infographics yield greater patient engagement. Social media is an ongoing presence, and you need to update it for fresh content on a regular basis.


Note: If you do not have social media accounts, our social media specialists will be able to create them for you. 


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